Welcome to INTALInC

INTALInC is working to build lasting research partnerships promoting urban transport systems that can meeting the travel needs of low income populations in cities in the global south.

We are an interdisciplinary, collaborative global network for the co-production of knowledge between academics, policy-makers and NGOs. We work within a broad constituency of transport and development related fields to support the development of more inclusive transport systems in developing cities. INTALInC promotes active and lasting links between academic, policy and practitioner communities to encourage the uptake of this policy agenda more effectively. Our ‘research into practice’ workshops and other events facilitate exchanges between network members. These exchanges are supported by a library of network publications and shared resources.

Network overview

INTALInC comprises 25 partner organisations and nearly 300 individual members. It was established in 2017 through funding from the UK Economic and Social Research Council Global Challenges Research fund. Continuation funding has since been received from the Volvo Research and Education Foundations.

The network brings together academics, planners and policy makers who work within different disciplines and sectors which rarely, if ever, meet. By using case studies and facilitating discussion through international events, we aim to encourage a whole system, collaborative approach to address the considerable challenge of providing inclusive mobility systems in the global south.

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