Framing mobilities in low income communities: A digital photography competition curated by INTALInC

Photograph credit: James Blewett

INTALInC in collaboration with the Volvo Research and Education Foundations and Lagos State University, invites photographic and 20 word caption entries from early- and mid-career network members.

1st PRIZE: 250 USD; 2nd PRIZE: 150 USD; 3rd PRIZE: 100 USD

We are excited to use the medium of photography to bring visual representations of your work to a wider audience. Images and captions should correspond to the title of this competition and represent people ‘doing’ transport, accessibility or mobility, or the connections, flows and perspectives linking people to urban landscapes in global south cities and their urban peripheries. Entries must link to one or more of the following themes:

  1. Low income communities or informal settlements;
  2. Disadvantaged and vulnerable groups;
  3. Access to livelihoods, health and wellbeing;
  4. Walking, cycling, NMT or paratransit or travel safety issues in relation to 1-3 above.

Within these parameters, we would like you to be imaginative and send us the most visually interesting and creative responses possible. Selected entries will appear on INTALInC social media and form part of an online event and exhibition later this year.

Follow @_intalinc on instagram.

Please click to Join INTALInC for free before submitting your entry.

Photographs should be submitted to together with a caption of no more than 20 words by 5:00 pm (UK time) on Friday 30th July 2021. Before submitting your entry, please refer to our terms and conditions.

Competition details in Spanish
Competition details in French
Flyer in English

International judging panel: Ilana Boltnivik (Instituto de Artes Plásticas, Universidad Veracruzana) (Chair); Mats Jarnhammar (VREF, MAC programme); Samuel Odewume (Lagos State University); Karen Lucas (Director of INTALInC); Emma Tsoneva (INTALInC); Alejandro Manga (INTALInC).


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